Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween Night

This post is a few days behind because I kept forgetting to bring my camera in. On Halloween night we went to Willowbrook and participated in the festivities there. Kaylen really likes the moon bounce stuff. She also had fun this year with the trunk or treat. Of course we always like the cotton candy!!! We had to be there at 5:30 but at about 4:30 I decided that Kaylen needed a mask. So I set out to make her one. It turned out cute and she really liked wearing it.

All of the pictures of Allen and Kaylen have been turning out so cute lately. (At least to me ;)

Me and Kaylen has been more difficult to capture! Wiggle worm! :)

In this picture Kaylen is going through an obstacle course. At one point I thought I was going to have to go in after her. She was not in a hurry to bust through things. She preferred the more gentle approach. So she took her time but enjoyed every second of it!

I looove this picture of K looking up at Allen - she has gotten so sweet lately. She will just tell you that she loves you randomly. It means so much more when she was just thinking that on her own rather than being prompted by me first. I love this age!

Kaylen and Allen flying down the slide. I think it was more fun with her daddy because she went even faster!

A few things that Kaylen is doing right now that I don't want to forget:

She will say that she wants to tell you a "feecret" (secret - all of her s sounds are f's) So you bend over and she will say something random like puppies. Then she will giggle.

When she toots she will say, "I hear a wittle tooter monfter and I think he came from mommy." (or insert whoever else happens to be near by)

She loves her baby dolls and her favorite thing to do is to punish them. She will tell me that Shelly hit her and has to go to time out. Then she will ask her if she is ready to tell mommy that she is sorry. We play this game lots and the crimes are always different but this tells me that she really does understand right and wrong.

Last night she didn't eat dinner at all. I am resting on the couch and she comes in with a half-eaten cookie and says, "I have a tookie, mom?" I told her no because she hasn't eaten one bite of dinner. But that "tookie" is gone. So a few minutes later I come out of the office and she is running from the kitchen and I grab her little hand (complete with brand new cookie) and she said, "hello". Just as sweet as she could. So I took the cookie away and told her she had to eat dinner first. She cried and then she looked up at me and squinted her eyes in a glare! She was angry at me! I can't believe my little two year old can glare like that! Anyway... they learn quick!


Ashley said...

Oh, that is really cute! She is getting so sweet, and sadly, WE NEVER SEE HER!

Did you make the costume? It's adorable. Hope to see y'all this weekend...

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kyllie said...

Aww how sweet! Her costume is too CUTE!!