Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A BIIIIGGGG Bubble Bath!!!!

I haven't updated in a few days and I only have pictures from when Rylie came to play not too long ago. So I thought I would talk about these two girls again. They crack me up because they both get sooo super excited to get to see each other. They play pretty well together. Of course they are bossy and more bossy (Kaylen leaning toward the latter of the two). I think girls are just born with that gene. During this play event they started out "tooking dinner" in Kaylen's kitchen. They said they made chicken. It looked like bread and lettuce in a bowl to me but I guess things are different for a toddler with a much better imagination than me. The funny thing about that is that Rylie was ready to come downstairs and show us her creations and Kaylen wanted to stay in her room and continue to cook. So we could hear, "Ryedee, get back in my room!" and then Rylie would scream, "NO!" So they ended up downstairs in the bathtub. We knew they were playing but didn't know what they were doing. So we went into the bathroom and they had the glass doors shut and were sitting in the bathtub. They said they were having a BIIIIIGG bubble bath. Thankfully they were content with no water at all. Look how much fun they are having just by sitting in a bathtub?!?! Who needs toys, right?

This last one is a visual example of my little bossy one! Trying to force her friend to stay in the tub with her. Thankfully they both are pretty good at standing up for themselves. I really don't worry when the two of them are together.

Later Kaylen had to play the Cyndie Lopper Song for Rylie. (Girl's just want to have fun - it's her favorite right now)Rylie was more interested in rocking a bear in the swing than dancing but Kaylen can't get enough of the dance sessions. This has become something we do quite regularly in our house. She has started doing this booty shake that is so stinking cute! I gotta get it on film and get it on here!

In other unrelated news, I have started this thing called e-mealz. If you haven't heard of it... give it a try! I just finished my first week and have loved the meals. What is it? Well, it is a website tailors meals to your personal needs and couples that with where you shop and what sales they are having that week. So I chose the 2 person, low-fat meals for 5 days from Wal-Mart. They check out what is on discount that week at Wal-Mart and they comprise weekly meals that are easy and delish! Then the second page is the grocery list for the week. So it is all printed and organized for me! I really like it a lot. Oh, and for 5 meals... $47!!!! Does it get any better?!?! Anyway, the website is

Have a good week!!!

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Ashley said...

Those girls are TOO cute! What if you have a 3rd to go into that clique? Ha!

About emealz...interesting. Does it cost money to join? I have heard of it. By planning, clipping coupons, and stocking up (something I've been doing for about 3 months now), I have whittled my grocery bill down to about $50/week. That's because some weeks I only need milk and meat, and others I only need some side dishes. Again, it's all because I plan things out. I never go to the store for "that one ingredient" b/c I already know what my meals are on Sunday...that's how you save money!