Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phil and Ted's E3 Double Stroller

Okay, I have been researching strollers forever! I have found one that I am in lust over. I am thinking that I might just sell all of the current strollers I have on Craigslist or something so that I can splurge for this one. I love how it has 4 positions (infant, toddler, toddler/infant, and 2 toddler). Also it is sleek (I hate bulky) and I can jog with it as well as take it to the mall or a park. Anyway, it's one drawback is that it has limited storage in the double positions but you can purchase bags that attach to the sides. Oh, and there aren't cup holders/treys for the kids but I am okay with that.


Bull said...

They should call that Phil and Ted's Excellent Adventure stroller.

Ashley said...

How fun! I have not heard of that type of stroller, but it looks fantastic. I plan to do the same thing - use a jogging stroller as my main stroller. Registered for another smaller one, but that's it. Jogger will be my "travel system..." You'll look ultra cool w/ all those babies in there!

Alison said...

I had wanted this stroller myself, but my friend ended up getting it and hates it. She had to have a jogging stroller because she went to Guat. to adopt her girls and they only have cobblestone streets.

The stroller ended up tearing in three places, was a nightmare to fold up and her older daughter hated it because she couldn't see anything in the back sling. It was also a huge deal to get it in the cover to travel with.

They ended up getting part of it fixed from the manufacturer, but it still doesn't work right...especially for the $$$.

Just wanted to pass that along (I still think it looks great though!)

dawn wilson said...

aghh!! good to know! I will have to re-evaluate/keep looking! Thanks, Alison!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you look at the Classic, it now has an auto lock!! It's the greatest thing!! I think they all have them... Also, It folds up so small and it's really lite!! My kids fight over who gets to sit in the back seat.. That's the cool seat!! I love mine!!

Kalu the cat said...

I have a web site dedicated to this stroller: