Monday, March 30, 2009

Playhouse Disney

For the past 3 weeks or so we have been using our Playhouse Disney Live tickets as incentive to get potty training under wraps. It really has been successful. She is doing great with everything. We are still having some accidents but are very close!! Anyway, Kaylen was so excited the entire evening. She woke up saying it was Playhouse Disney day!!!

We decided to stop by Taco Bell on our way and grab some food and eat it outside. We got a great parking place and had a nice dinner. Kaylen kept saying, "Go away, you mean, old duck!" The dinner of choice didn't sit well with my sugar levels... so I felt a little shaky all night. But look at the smiles in these shots: I just love seeing her this happy.

Here we have found our seats and she has decided that Daddy's lap is the best place to view the show from.

This is her face the first time she saw Mickey. Utter Joy!!!

I had to include a picture of the Little Einstein's because she said they were her favorite part of the show.

Here she is with her first little light toy. She played with it for about 15 min and then decided that she wanted the other "magic wand" instead. So sweet daddy went back downstairs and exchanged for the one that cost $2 more. (of course) She was happy though and is still playing with her new wand. Sadly I didn't get a pic of it.

I couldn't leave out Tigger and Pooh. They were obviously a hit with K. She really loved every second of the whole show. Her favorite times were when they were all singing.

So of course we had to go potty during the show so daddy took her (I felt too shaky to take her down those stairs by myself). When they came back they had cotton candy and it came with a hat. Look how excited she is to stuff that sugar in. I was good and smelled it. Allen gave me a taste the size of a dime. I couldn't even taste it because it melted before it touched my taste buds. Oh well. It sure did smell good!

Here she is with her new hat. She was loving playing peek-a-boo with this thing. Cracks me up! She is still wearing it around the house a lot.

I decided to put together a bunch of pictures of her standing by the balcony dancing her little heart out. We tried to video it but it was just too dark to get anything. Our seats for this thing were perfect. We were second row, balcony, end seats. So she stood and watched and had the best time. I must say, if you have little ones, take them to these shows!!! It is so worth the money. Way more worth it than any concert or play I have ever been to for myself. I will never forget being able to watch my little one have the night of her life. So thrilled to see all the characters and experience everything. Kids are too much fun!!!

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