Monday, March 16, 2009

Start of Spring Break

Well, I have been getting a lot done over Spring Break (and it's only Monday)! I painted my spindles and risers on my stairs and picked out a carpet runner. It will be installed next Tuesday. I bought a double jogging stroller. I ended up with a tech tyke 360 or some sort of tongue twister like that. I drew out the painting I am going to do for Tripp's room... sorry Jodi, I ended up with the last puppy dog... It is on a canvas so I can get rid of it when he gets older. I had my couch and chaise cleaned by stanley steamer. And I went to Hancock and got a lot of things for some sewing projects. I am about to work on a fabric thing that I will be hanging in the stairwell. It is so plain in there so I am framing a piece of fabric and doing an applique W on it. I think it will add a splash in that area.

Anyway now for the not so great news. I failed my glucose test. Again. This is the first test that I failed with Kaylen and now again with Tripp. So tomorrow I get to go in and sit there for 3 hours getting blood drawn every 30 min. ugh. I tried really hard to pass this time. I didn't eat sugar at all last week. I made a serious effort not to! grrrr. I guess there is nothing I could have done to prevent this from happening. So please be praying for me tomorrow as I get stuck and prodded for hours on in of my vacation time. Also, while you are praying... My dad is also having some very serious health issues. They were supposed to come to visit me towards the end of the week but now they aren't sure they will be able to make it because my dad has to figure out his health issues first. (I may get some of this wrong because my mom threw a lot of stuff at me at once) I think the biggest concern is due to his kidney. He was born with 1 that is abnormally large (so he can't have a transplant since no one has a kidney like his). Anyway, it is not functioning properly. It seems to never work correctly but it is backing up and leaking into his system? or something like that. Additionally his triglycerides are over 300. His bad cholesterol is over 100 and something. His bottom number on his blood pressure is really high. And he has been falling a lot lately. They think he has had a mini stroke or something like that. So all that to say, he has a dtr. apt. with the urologist and the endocrinologist. Oh, did I mention that he is only 49?

So not the most healthy week!

Oh well... what can you do? Pictures will follow next week as well as updates.

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Ashley said...

Wow! You and I are on the same page - furniture cleaning, nursery prep, and fabric purchases. I was in Hancocks Saturday and in Hobby Lobby today. I got the fringe (little white balls) for the dust ruffle and some other cute things. Their sale was decent.

And, so sorry for your dad's kidney issues. Boy do I know what that is like! We will certainly lift him up! Keep us updated!