Tuesday, April 28, 2009

35 Week Update

I wish I would have taken a picture of my other two completed nursing covers. I did finish them and they turned out really cute. If you are an expecting momma that likes to dabble in sewing a little, that is a great project. It was fairly easy and quick. That would make a great gift to give someone too. The key is finding really cute fabric. Well this post isn't really about my nursing covers.

I went in for my checkup yesterday (it was my 34 week check up done at 35 weeks - we got a little behind). I haven't mentioned that I have been in quite a bit of pain on my right side for a few weeks because I know the drill. You have a kidney stone, drink water, live through it. It isn't to the point of death pain or anything. Just an occasional intense pain that comes and goes. So no major blockage... just tiny gravel passing through. Anyway, I told my doc about it yesterday and he checked for blood in my urine. There was some blood in there and they said they would send off for cultures and let me know but I was so far along that I should just grin and bear it for a few weeks. That is basically what I expected to hear. I also asked him for a more detailed event path for the next few weeks. He said that next week would be our first "check" and then the next week we would probably do an ultrasound to see how big Tripp is (give or take a pound) and if he was around 9 lbs!!!!! he would induce. I was thinking more like if he was 8 lbs or something... let's remember that ultrasound could be off by a pound in either direction... so 9 could be 10. Are you kidding me?!?!?! I am thinking a renegotiation is in order. I will just patiently wait a few weeks and see what the results are... then I am prepared to beg.

Okay... so my good friends, the Turnbull's, are having a guessing game for the correct date and time of Kate's arrival... how fun!!! They are offering a prize for the winner. I am not that cool but guesses would be fun. So put in your guesses and let's see who wins!!!! Just for fun!

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Ashley said...

Glad to know the details! Please keep us updated on this baby! Gosh, I will pray for a smaller baby, friend!

And, my guess: May 18th at 2 p.m.