Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

Well, another week has passed. We are half way through with testing at school. Time really does seem to be flying. The doctor appointments are stacking up like crazy... I can't keep track. I am going in on Monday to look over my GestD information with my dietitian. Lately I have been staying within range and I am so glad for that. I still haven't gone a day with all readings being within range. I at least have one a day that is off. I am learning how to "treat" myself by tweaking things so that I can have one forkful of a dessert if there is one at the meal I am at. So this has helped to ease that. I must tell you that I am getting rather tired of certain foods. I have to lay off cottage cheese. Last time I ate it, I started gagging. I guess I have had it too often. I have never eaten so much peanut butter and cheese in my life! (I don't eat those two things together). Going out to eat or over to someone else's house is difficult. I also feel hungry all the time! You would think with 6 meals a day I wouldn't be but my meals are extremely small. I have to say that this is much easier than it was with Kaylen... even with the GestD. I will let you all know how things go next week. I meet with dietitian on Monday and my OBGYN on Thursday. So I should have a better picture of how all of this is going.

Kaylen is at that age where she says and does the cutest things. A few nights ago Allen and I were joking around with each other and Kaylen was sort of in on it. So finally she looks at me and say, "you thinkin what I'm thinking?". I asked her what she was thinking and she responded with, "Daddy's crazy." Where did she learn to ask if someone was thinking what she's thinking? That is hilarious. Then this morning I gave her goodbye hugs and kisses and we always exchange many words because she is prolonging the end result. But this morning I told her to have a good day and she came up to me, "good-gamed" me on the butt and said, "see ya!" I know she didn't pick that up from her parents or grandparents. That is not our typical goodbye gesture. She is a hoot.

My big plans for the weekend are to finish a burp cloth for a shower I have coming up. (I actually need to make a few because I have a few showers coming up) And I need to start this quilted car seat cover I am going to make for Tripp. I may go over to the children's party they are having in Big Cove... anyone else attending? Okay, one last question. I really need advice. When I am monogramming for Tripp, what are my options? I have every intention of calling him Tripp all of the time. That will be his name. But as far as initials go... his will be JAW. Does that look funny on a burp cloth? I sort of think it does since it spells a word. And boys typically dont do the jWa design... it is more of the straight across JAW. Do I even want that on there because people might be confused as to what his name is or who's burp cloth it is. I know I am over thinking this but it has been on my mind a lot and I don't know the answer. I plan to do some that just have a T on them. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Happy weekend!!!! And happy April!


Amanda said...

As far as monogramming goes, I think JAW is fine but I also think you could monogram "TRIPP" on the burp cloths. My initials were aBc growing up. Talk about generic. ABC! But mom still had it monogrammed. Don't think too hard :) I don't think your really need to worry about it unless the intials are aSs or something like that. In fact, those were a friend of mines "intials" when she was born but her mom quickly changed the order of her first and middle name in the hospital to avoid that. They were changed to sSa.

Ashley said...

I agree. I like Tripp, or I like JAW. It won't matter. Tegan of course has a Tripp, and she always does his actual initials (DLC). It'll be cute regardless!

Glad to hear of the GestD update. Yay for you - I hate that you are having such a time though. I will invite you over sometime and we will eat plain ole low carb stuff! Just for you!

Might run in to you at the Drs office - start my 2 week appts next Wednesday :)

dawn wilson said...

I am laughing so hard about the aSs initials. I am very glad his aren't that bad.

I was also wondering what Tegan did with her little one... since they are in the same boat.

I wish we would run into each other at the doctors office... it would definitely make the time pass MUCH faster!!! I always go at 3 or later though and I think you go earlier. Crazy teacher schedules! Can't do anything from 7-3. :)