Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter was so Memorable!

Kaylen is at the age that she can begin to really understand what Easter is about. We had quite a few Easter books that we read during bedtime this week to reiterate the reason for the holiday. The concept isn't the easiest to explain to a 3 year old! Anyway, on Saturday we went and got a new haircut at the Spoiled Rockin' Kids Salon. Great experience!

Sunday morning we went downstairs to see all that the Easter Bunny had left. She was so excited and her favorite thing was the littlest petz easter eggs. She got 6 different animals and she was crazy about them.

We all got ready for church and took a few photos before we left. I seriously was so uncomfortable! I am ready to speed through these next few weeks! I was happy that I could wear the Easter dress that I wore 4 months after Kaylen was born this year. Saved on the ole pocketbook! This was on a timer and the camera was a little low... we look like giants. But... my husband is the king of self-timer!

Kaylen really loves her daddy. I like this picture of them looking at each other. It was actually a shot that I took in between shots but I love it the most.

Me, Kaylen and Tripp!!! :)

This hat was a labor of love for me. I had the hardest time getting the ribbon to do right. Kaylen loves to wear hats so I always try to get her one but the ribbon that comes on them is always pink or white. That wouldn't do. I think it turned out well. It just took a few different tries.

She is checking out what is in all of her Easter eggs.

She got so in to hiding and finding the Easter eggs. We did this for hours. Literally. She couldn't get enough of it. Notice the shades. She had to have that so that she could see the eggs out there. Those eggs were so broken from the event that we had to just throw them away. Which was fine with me. She seriously had a blast! She was cracking us all up. She was wearing a bracelet that she named her darling. So she would tell everyone to look at her darling. What a hoot! At this point in the hunt her darling was already laying in the grass by the swing. :)


Amanda said...

Aww Kaylen looks so cute. And you do too! I love that dress on you. You may feel really preggo at this point but I think you look so cute! Such a cute dress.

dawn wilson said...

Okay... I had a friend ask about prices at the Spoiled Rockin' Kids Salon and I dont have access to facebook so I had to reply on here.

$17.99 was what they charged me for the haircut but they took time with her and I could tell that they cut kids hair all day.

BTW... if my amazing hairdresser happens to read my blog... I will never stray from you, Ashley. And I think you do a great job on K's hair too. Only took her there for the ambiance of it all.

Dawn Wilson said...

My granddaughter loves those Petz animals, too. I just had to write you. I'm another Dawn Wilson. (Dawn Marie Wilson). There are a couple of Dawn Marie's online that I definitely don't want to be associated with (a drug addict and a lady wrestler!) ... but I'm so glad to see your site, your beautiful children, and your Easter picture! As for me, I write a weekly blog, and send out a monthly newsletter about making wise, biblical choices. Love the "pictures" of Tripp. Such a creative idea. Just wanted to drop in to say Hi. Blessings to you! Dawn Wilson