Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Program at School

I have been meaning to get some video of Kaylen talking to Tripp because it is so stinking cute. She tells him the funniest things. Well, last night I remembered. So this is the video I got. It is like 2 min long (feels like forever) but I want you to pay attention to the end of the video. Who on earth could miss their child's program after hearing that?!?! I wasn't planning on going so I had to get someone to cover my class just so I could be there. There was no way I could miss... and neither could Tripp! Allen has his boss from New Orleans riding with him today so he couldn't come. Of course grandparents were there... it is a little easier for them to maneuver the schedule. Anyway, here is my super cutie. She whispers at first so turn it up!! :)

This video is much shorter but she is so cute singing her little songs. Glad I didn't miss it!

This last picture of me is against my better judgment. I absolutely hate any pictures of me pregnant but it is for Jodi. So if you aren't Jodi, please scrub that mental picture from your mind!!!! :) I guess I am almost 33 weeks along.


Ashley said...

Dawn, you are not going to believe this, but I have on the exact same outfit - a knit dress, black camisole, black leggins and flats. Hilarious! My dress is more gray as yours is taupe. Pregnant minds think alike!!!

Jill said...

Dawn, you look amazing and are all belly--what a cute outfit! I may not be Jodi, but thanks for posting a preggy pic! I'm so excited for y'all and for one more boy to add to the fun. You'll have to let me go Kaylen shopping with you every now and then to get my pink fix. :) Hope you're feeling well! Happy Easter!

Jodi said...

Thanks, Dawn! And you look gorgeous! Loved the videos of your sweetie, too! :)