Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So for those of you who don't live in the same town as me... my absenteeism is due to the Swine Flu Scare of '09. I am talking people went into lock down mode over a few measly cases of a different strain of flu that we don't have a vaccine for. They closed all of the schools within a 30 mile radius for two days because of two kids being sick! It was crazy. I mean even churches canceled childcare and youth services. Check out what offices made Allen wear to come in and give them medicine:

Is that not insane?!?!? These people don't mess around with any kind of flu! ha!

Anyway, everything on my calendar from Thursday to Sunday got wiped off. The only sad part is that it rained like crazy the whole time so I really just stayed inside, cleaned and slept. That is until Allen's entire small group spent the night on Saturday. I am talking 11 tenth grade boys and a lot of rain. My house is destroyed. I didn't sleep at all that entire night. The last of the guys didn't leave the next day until around 2:30. And most importantly we all had a blast. It is one cool group of guys. They are musically talented, athletic, smart and wild. It was good to see what I have to look forward to with Tripp. Guys are so much different from girls.

Speaking of girls, mine is so cute right now. She has started this new thing where she likes to play "American Idol" and get up on our fireplace area and sing songs for us. We get to choose what she will sing and we always start with Old McDonald. We get to choose the animals. She calls on us. She also makes up songs. Those are the best because her little mind is thinking as fast as possible to come up with the words on the spot. I love it! It will be the most random stuff too. Some other fav songs are Jesus loves the little children (but not Jesus Loves Me), This Little Light of Mine, If Your Happy and You Know It, and more... Oh, and she is a ballet princess. Not a ballerina but a ballet princess. And for a while now she has been calling her dolls by two names. I have no idea where in the world these names came from but they are her two names of choice: Donna Lynne and Doolin. Don't ask me! Last night she said it was because she doesn't know a lot of names and she likes funny names. So there ya go. Just because all posts are better with a picture of her... here she is in the morning:

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Ashley said...

Dawn - too funny! I wondered where you had gone to! SWINE FLU! LOCK DOWN! Do you realize how close you are...I do believe you will beat me to the hospital, but that's okay. I can come visit and check out the 'digs' before I'm actually required to be there. Heck, what if I went into labor while visiting...perfect!
Oh, and I don't need the car seat, but thank you. Remember, YOU all went in together and got me one for my shower!