Friday, May 08, 2009

My Last Day at School

Today has been full of surprises. If anyone thinks that I have a rough job teaching middle schoolers... let me tell you, it is the best in the world! These kids have hearts way bigger than you could imagine. My advanced art class came in today and threw me a shower for Tripp. It was sooo nice and totally unexpected! How in the world can I be so surprised by two surprise showers for this little bundle?!?! These kids again surprised me with their generosity. Great gifts that were so thoughtful. I know... they decided that we weren't having actual class instead of asking. It was so totally alright with me. This group has worked hard lately and we all deserved a little party. On top of that, I had a regular ed student bring me the cutest little outfit at lunch. Middle school is such a great age. They are old enough to be thoughtful any yet still young enough to care about their teachers enough to think of them outside of the school day. I am in awe of them. I really love what I do.

On top of having great students to work with, I have great co-workers. They threw me a shower a while ago but since then so many of them have done additional things for me! I am totally speechless. One teacher made me a precious blanket that totally goes with the colors in Tripp's room. It was handmade and she does a lot of really great quilting. You should look at more of her stuff on her blog. She has an amazing sense of style and colors. I seriously covet her latest batik quilt. And how she sewed complete circles I will never understand.

Then today another teacher brought me a gift. She makes jewelry and she brought me a bracelet that is awesome! I work with some really talented people! And since I tend to give homemade gifts, I really appreciate when other people do that for me. I know the time put in to the gift and the thought that someone is sitting at home using their precious time to make something special for me means so much to me.

I have had a great day today and I am really going to miss this place while I am gone. My posting might be less regular but I will at least update with Tripp information! I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday. I am so ready to see him again!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Jean said...

I miss you being at school already! Call if you need anything, and you had better stay in touch.