Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 38 and a Visit to Sci-Quest

I am trying to do as much as I can with Kaylen before Tripp is here. So I picked her up from school on Friday and took her to Sci-Quest. It was actually really fun and there weren't many people there. This first picture is of her in a music room. She really didn't weigh enough to make the keys sound but I helped her.

This was probably her favorite area. She loved making dinner.

Here they had a simulated tornado in a glass box. You could stand in it but I didn't really get it because the winds weren't strong at all so it wouldn't be like standing in a real tornado. It was more like standing in a steam bath or something. Oh well, it was neat to her.

Here she is coming down the slide backwards. She really had a good time there and I recommend it for kids her age. (And if they aren't quite three yet... they would be free! That would have been better but I had to be honest... she is three. The lady actually asked me if she wasn't quite three yet... I told her she was but how odd to prase the question that way.)

And I had to take one last about to pop picture. This is at 38 weeks... and the last week before he is here. Next time I am on this blog I hope to be a bit smaller. :) I will say that I have enjoyed carrying him much more than the first. (Sorry K) She was so much more difficult and I felt so much worse the entire time. He has been much easier and I feel very thankful that the worst of my difficulties this time was altered by a diet plan. Much better than getting sick every day and gaining 5 million pounds!!!


Amanda said...

Dawn, I think you look great! Can't wait to see a Tripp post!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kaylen had a good time. It was fun hanging out with you guys on Sat. night-can't wait for Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

That was from me-katherine!:)

Ashley said...

We have got to get Katherine a Google ID!

Lookin' great - exciting week for the Wilsons...soooo close! ARE YOU READY!!?!

PS. I'm gonna have to come up there to CW and check out my digs for later in May/June...I'll bring Adam along and make him talk small chat w/ the nurses...torture!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,
You look fabulous! I will pray for a safe & healthy delivery. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of Tripp, post them when you can.
-Catherine Wynn