Monday, September 18, 2006

Kaylen 8.5 months with teeth!

who you lookin' at?
This shot and the next are attempts at showing you her 4 teeth! She wont show them for anything so we have to trick her into smiling real big! not an easy task.


Angela said...

been awhile since i've checked your blog, and you've posted a ton!
you guys coming up for homecoming this year?

dawn wilson said...

we are not doing homecoming but we are coming up oct. 14ish i think. we have a wedding to go to. we are bringing kaylen and i was going to talk to you about that... i need a reliable babysitter for the actual wedding... know of anyone like that? ;) if you have plans that is alright... but the wedding is on a saturday night... oct. 14. we are coming down on either the 11th or 12th. we will be at church on sunday as well... i will call ya!

Jodi said...

Whose wedding?

Great pictures, as always! :)

Angela said...

of course! can't wait!.. i'd rather spend time with Kaylen than you anyway.. hehe.. just kidding.

chandra said...

gabrielle looked at kaylen and kept saying "hi!" and waving.