Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter 2007

Okay... this is our favorite past time and I couldn't help but show you guys. What a cutie! She looves to read while sitting on the potty. Not that we actually KNOW what to do on there but... the cushie seat and a good book are loads of fun. We have had one accidental tinkle but maybe it will catch on! One can dream!
Here is miss Kaylen in her Easter dress. You cant tell but she let me paint her toenails. And her dress has a K embroidered on it. She was adorable!
Another very cute pic!
We didnt really get many cute family pics and this is the closest we got. Allen is taking the pic. Sad!
Speaking of sad... this is how excited Kaylen was about the Easter Bunny. NOT A FAN!!!! She did, however, like him when he gave her a stuffed animal and didnt try to pick her up! Funny how she will take a gift from even an enemy. The girl loves her stuffed animals.


Ashley said...

That's about what Adam looks like on the toliet...reading his picture books. Ha!

Jill said...

I love her face with the Easter bunny. Such disgust! hehe :)

chandra said...

how cute! we didn't even attempt to see the easter bunny after the issue with santa. tristen thought it was awesome the easter bunny found them in washington, dc.

golfer1 said...

Jeff and I love the pictures..Kaylen is so cute

Aline and Jeff