Monday, June 18, 2007

photo shoot

Okay, so I am really trying to keep doing artwork over my summers so I recently took pictures of a friend of mine's 6 week old baby. I thought I would post some of them and get your reactions. I am trying out some new actions in photoshop and playing around with images. Anyway, of course the baby is adorable... cant help but get that part right! So I would love to know what you think about the technical stuff.... posing, editing, all of that... so without further adou:



Ashley said...

Ha! Convenient! READ ADAM's BLOG TODAY!

I love the pictures! My fav poses are probably 1,3, and 7, and I like the lighting in 1 and 9. I think you did a great job with poses. I like the close-ups. Overall = fantastic. I'd hire you!

Jill said...

Hi Dawn,

Check out this link for inspiration - she used to work for Molloy way back when. She really has a good eye for poses for children. You might get some good ideas! :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

FABULOUS!I think my favorites are 7 and 8 but they are all precious - great angles and poses! Maybe a little too much shine in the blanket on 5. I will be in touch soon about my boys!!!

Jodi said...

They're all great but I like 3,6,& 10 the best. You're amazing Dawn! Come practice on my kid any day! :)

kellymartinau said...

Love the new ones I hadn't seen yet! I like the softening effect on the looking down pose from up top...#10's pose is adorable and the way you captured her in such a variety of ways is really great! You did a fantastic job! The angled shots are really neat too!

ZBUCK said...

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for having me over Saturday night. I had a blast. Also, thanks for including me in the community group. It was a great lesson and something I really needed in my life. Thanks again.

On a side note, I wish your sister lived closer. Anytime a girl can kick my butt in sports, and look good doing it, then I am pretty much in love. Talk to you later!