Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Scary Weekend

Well, we are glad to be on this side of the weekend and I would like to start by saying that God is so good! As most of you know Jeff (Allen's dad) went in to the hospital on Thursday night with a numb left arm and chest pains. Friday they were getting ready to release him and he had an irrigular heart beat that finally corrected itself. If it hadnt, they said that would have killed him. So they then said it was imperative that they find a reason why his heart was acting this way. There was a problem with his kidneys that prevented them from being able to do the heart cath to check his heart. I think it was that his creatin (spelling?) levels were too high. All i know is that they finally did the cath on sat morning using a high quality dye and not much of it. They were hoping to find something... they did! A 95% blockage to one of his arteries. They had to transfer him from crestwood to huntsville hospital and put a stint in that afternoon. So he came home on Sunday and is still recovering. Allen is taking the day off today to watch kaylen and I am going to try to take a day off this week to help allieviate the stress of watching kaylen as well. Speaking of Kaylen, she was a trooper all weekend. I am attaching a few photos of her at the hospital. The cutest thing she would do all weekend was she would grab her Papaw's finger and try to pull him out of bed... she wanted him to play with her. (of course i didnt get a pic of that!)

BTW... Jodi, this post's for you! Next time i will dedicate a more upbeat one to you but since you have been requesting one... you get the dedication!!! :)


Jodi said...

haha! hurray! thanks! :)

Ashley said...

still keeping you guys in our is the week going?