Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Picture Update

With a title like that... why even read the rest?!?!

I haven't been taking too many pictures lately but I have had a lot going on! This past weekend we went camping with the Carlisles and the Foxes. They both have campers and the Carlisles camper is big enough for us to join them. It was really a good time. Kaylen's favorite part was the playground! The playground! we have that in our backyard! That night she kept saying she was ready to go home... she didn't quite understand that we were sleeping there. She finally understood and had the best time. It was really cold in the morning and the kids played constantly the entire time we were there. We didn't stay Saturday night because we had to go to our church and then we had Disney on Ice...

This was quite the adventure. For me, it was rather enjoyable. For Allen... well, let me just tell you what happened. We get there right on time and our old neighbors Erin and Ben Boles were there with their kids right behind us. So it was great to see them. (For those of you who don't live around here... she is one of our local news anchors). Well, soon after the event began Kaylen had to go potty. Allen said he would take her and so he grabbed her bag and left. When he came back he wasn't happy at all. Apparently her diaper had shifted or something and she didn't make it to the bathroom. He said it was like someone poured a large glass of water (but substitute that with urine) all down his leg. He was absolutely drenched. So he comes back and sits down with her and she ended up falling asleep. He asked me why he paid so much money to sit in the VBC doused in pee while holding his sleeping child. I will say she did wake up and saw the rest of the show and loved it. She is still talking about it. I think her favorite part was Tinkerbell. She is really crazy about her right now.

The last thing I wanted to say is that I am having my Advanced Art Halloween Party at my house tomorrow. I hope it goes well. My cleaning ladies have bailed on me and it has been a month since they last came. I thought I had a lot to do even with them coming... now I am totally swamped! On top of that... Allen and I have to dress up for our youth group's Halloween gathering this Sunday.

What should I be? I want to be comfortable, I need an easy idea... I don't want to do any sewing... I want to be funny... help!!

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shannon said...

You could be a deviled egg! That would be too funny...a girlfriend of mine did it last year. All white with a yellow circle on your belly..and devil horns. Har har. :) Nathan and I were considering being Sarah Palin and John McCain. Last year I was Rosie the was super easy too!