Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, August has been interesting because my camera died at the very beginning so most of the month passed without pictures. But we did capture a few things towards the end of the month and the kids had school pictures taken. I didn't know they were going to get a shot of the two kids together so I was very glad I happened to match the kids! They did a good job of getting them both to look at the camera and then to get smiles!!! Get out of town! Anyway, in uploading, I put them in reverse order... so if you are one of those chronological people, scroll down and go up! :)

Tripp's 1 year old Mother's Day Out Picture

Kaylen and Tripp together - the only year they will be in MMO together.

Kaylen's 4 year old/Pre-K MMO Picture
Kaylen and Tripp are playing together well these days. It is fun to watch them entertain each other. They are starting to make each other mad as well. It's fun to just sit back and watch.

These next two are of Tripp on the phone. He cracks me up when he gets a phone. He carries on serious conversations. I have no idea what he is saying but he is going after it. I know it is hard to see but he does have my phone and is chatting up a storm on it.

This is always his mood. I love this guy!

Kaylen is so good with Tripp. I love to watch her with him. They have the best time together and no one makes Tripp laugh like she does.

Tripp is a paci kid if I have ever seen one. He absolutely loves it and has to have it at all times. If you can find a paci and give it to him, all will be well with him.

Have you noticed that both of my little ones have a sunburn? I feel so bad that I didn't keep them screened up. I guess it was bound to happen at some point. It really wasn't that bad and they didn't even act like they noticed. It just bothered me.

Allen took both kids out for a swim. They had a blast. I wouldn't go out there because I couldn't see the ground I was stepping on. I am not okay with that!

Kaylen had a blast playing with the sand. This is the best "floatie" that she has on. If your kid is learning to swim, I highly recommend it. It holds them up, their arms are free and you can take out parts of the flotation out slowly to get them more accustomed to keeping themselves up slowly.

Tripp loved the sand.

Daddy got Tripp in the water with a regular diaper on. It was gigantic after he got out. Too funny!

Daddy and Tripp. He loves his daddy so much! It is fun to see that bond they have.

And this one is from a while ago but it is too cute to pass up. :) Look how much smaller he is!


Jodi said...

You're right... TOTALLY cute.

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness they are just simply adorable!!! Can't wait to see you all this weekend.
Love ya