Friday, January 21, 2011

Kaylen's birthday and more!

Here is my big girl giving me a fake grin because she didn't really want her picture taken. She wanted to go and play. Alas, I did at least get better pictures later. I did forget to get any pictures of her with her parents this year. oops! These two girls are so much fun. I really am so thankful for the friendship these two share. I know I say it all the time but it means more to me than anything! Great friends are hard to come by and her mom means so much to me so that makes me so glad that the girls love each other too!
Tripp had more fun at this party than anyone I do believe. He is my little daredevil. Nothing is too high or too fast for him. I love that about him!
Pictures like this are hard to come by these days... a real smile! She is usually too busy for this or just gives me a fake smile.
Well with Tangled just coming out she wanted a Repunzel cake. I tried to make it myself the day before in the FACS room at school. This didn't work out at all. The cake stuck to the pan when I tried to get it out. So I called Peggy Ann's and she whipped this beauty right out! And it tasted wonderful! And honestly, her cost was way less than I spent in supplies to make my own! Talk about frustrating! I wish I would have used her to begin with!

We had tons of friends and family at the party. We are so loved and we appreciate everyone for coming out. I know Kaylen felt so special. Pump It Up is a great place to have a big party!
Here is my big 5 year old opening her presents.

Here is Allen after K's birthday party. He played every bit as hard as the kids did. He has been working so hard lately with his new drug that has come out and all his school work. He also leads 2 small groups and has a group of college kids that he sees when they are in town. On top of basketball games and dates with me. He is always doing something! It was good to see him finally rest on this day. We really enjoyed our snow days while we had them. Tripp is at a great age! He is in to everything and keeps me on my toes but he is also so sweet. His teachers always tell me what a great personality he has and honestly, to know him is to love him. He is so funny and sweet.
He was posing with me and wanted his picture taken for this one. So cute. He kept saying cheese.
I love this little mischievous look. He is such a stinker but so cute he gets away with too much!
Kaylen is playing basketball this year. Allen thinks it is way too early and complains religiously - it seriously drives me crazy. But I love to watch her. It is fun for her to have an activity that everyone comes to that is just for her. She isn't awesome or anything but I love to see her out there learning how to work as a team and having fun. Doesn't she look so big in this picture?!?!
Here she is going after a pass. It really is mass chaos and her favorite part is to go and run laps on the track after the game.
On to other news... Allen had a good year of hunting. He snagged a 9 point buck. I know this is sad and gross to some of you but we were excited. Kaylen watched him skin it and she just rubbed her tummy and said yum! So she is excited for the meat.


Ashley Turnbull said...

Looks like a fabulous party - so sad that we missed it!!! But, I am glad we all got to catch up at dinner last week...keep the updates coming!!

Anonymous said... the pic of our girls together! You guys mean so much to us, too! Your comment warmed my heart and made me smile:) ~Emily