Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dr. Ben Fauld's

Some of you have asked me about my recent weight loss and I keep saying I will tell you what I have been doing and so I wanted to go ahead and pass on all that has been working for me to whoever might be interested.

I was at my chiropractor getting some adjustments and happened to be talking to his nurse (who is a friend from church) and I told her I was wanting to lose a little weight before my sister's wedding. She told me about their weight loss program. So first of all, I want to recommend you going to them. Since you also get a chiropractic adjustment, insurance covers the visit and I only pay a copay. It is worth checking with them to see what your insurance would cover. Okay so here is what happens:

You go twice a week for 3 weeks and visits consist of an adjustment and then acupuncture. They put these stickers on your ears that have a really tiny spring with the smallest pokey end on it inside the bandage. They switch the ear they are in at each visit. They also stick needles in the areas you are wanting to lose weight from. So I started in my lower stomach and I am now working on my thighs and dairyaire. :) I must say that you have to reveal any area that you plan to reduce. And people are always asking me if it hurts. Not really. Most of the time I can't even feel the needles going in and I can never feel them once they are in there. Occasionally I might feel a little sting that is similar to a sweat bee sting. It doesn't hurt that bad and is completely manageable.

Now for the food side (because I really think this is a large contributor to my actual weight loss). They give you some supplements to take that are mostly ground up vegetables. They give you a shake supplement that should replace one meal (breakfast is the easiest because the rest of what you can eat doesn't sound good for breakfast). Anyway, you just mix this powder with frozen fruit and water and viola - breakfast! Then for all other meals, I can eat grilled chicken, grilled fish, fruit and vegetables. I honestly do have a cup of coffee every morning and there are times that I cheat a little. Like if I really just need something sweet, I will eat a banana babies dark chocolate covered banana. YUM. Also, I steer clear of flour and sugar as much as possible. Sometimes it is just impossible but usually I can do it. The trick is to tell yourself if you mess up make sure it is only one thing in a day. I go days without any mistakes but I try to always limit my mistakes to one a day. I also include wine in that one mistake a day category and if I want wine with dinner, I consider it my one caveat.

As for exercise... I usually make sure I workout on the week days. On my running days I run either a 5k or 4 miles depending on my time and energy level. :) And I do body pump twice a week. I usually do a little ab work after my running and occasionally other weights.

My sucess: in 7 weeks I have lost 11 pounds. I haven't weighed this little since before I met Allen. I have gone from a size 8 or 10 to in-between a 4 and a 6. I feel so much better than I have felt in years. I have energy (except not today oddly enough) and I feel stronger than I used to. I haven't been sick since I started doing all of this. I have less headaches. And the diet has become easier because when I falter it makes me feel so yucky that I don't even want to eat anything off my diet.

So there it is. I am not done with the program yet either. It is a 14 week program and I plan to make this change a lifestyle change. I don't want to go back to feeling like I used to. I know it feels impossible to give up bread and sweets but it isn't. I had cravings and it was hard for the first month but I am past that now and the cravings are gone. I hope I have encouraged you to give it a try. If you do, let me know and we can help keep each other accountable!

I have a busy weekend full of celebrating my babies. Kaylen is graduating Pre-kindergarten tonight and Tripp is turning 2 on Saturday! I have been baking all week... nothing I plan to actually eat, of course! I am told that it all tastes yummy though! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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