Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hard Work

Okay so this post isn't really going to be interesting to anyone so only read if you feel like boring yourself. I wanted to document my stats so that I will remember where I came from and why I continue to do what I am doing in regards to my health. Many of you know that I had gestational diabetes with Tripp and pre eclampsia with Kaylen. Since then I have decided that I am going to do all that I can to keep from landing myself in the category of type II diabetes or high blood pressure.

Anyway, my work does a yearly screening and I thought my stats were interesting since last year's was right before I started my lifestyle changes.

Here goes:

Date: 2/22/11
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142
BMI: 22
Glucose: 137
Resting heart rate: 84
Blood Pressure: 118/68
Bone density: 2.1
HDL: 56
LDL: 99
Total Cholesterol: 166
Ratio: 2.9
Triglycerides: 53

Okay after a year of eating right and exercising...

Date: 3/01/12
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 127 (15 lbs. lost)
BMI: 20 (down 2)
Glucose: 91 (drastically different... think that is due to a serious diet change)
Resting heart rate: 72 (lower from running)
Blood Pressure: 110/70 (about the same)
Bone density: 2.6 (even better than last year and both are completely off the charts)
HDL: 78 (went up 22 points... the higher the better!)
LDL: 82 (went down 17 points... the lower the better!)
Total Cholesterol: 170 (4 points higher but this doesn't matter because my ratio improved)
Ratio: 2.2 (went down by 0.7)
Triglycerides: 52 (went down by one but they were fantastic both years. They only have to be below 150)

So we will see what next year brings. I have tried hard to improve my health in the last year and I feel better than I ever have and I have been sick a lot less. Here's to many more good reports! This does help me to know that the little choices I am making daily do help and we all need constant encouragement. It seriously is hard work!

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