Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Visit with Aunt Nikki

So I mentioned that my sister, Amber, came to visit this past weekend but am just now getting to posting a few pictures of the event. These first 2 pictures are of Kaylen at a Teacher's Retirement Brunch. She looked so cute but i really didnt get any good pics of her. My sister did and i am waiting for her to send me some... kaylen may be 3 years old before that happens... if i know my sister! so these will have to suffice. But believe me when i say she was adorable!


Jodi said...

oh my gosh - your sister hasn't changed a bit! You always have the best pictures - I love Kaylen's hair! :)

Ashley Cecil said...

Your daughter is beautiful Dawn! just like you.

Anonymous said...

Back up off me i will get the pictures as soon as i can....i dont have a comp that connects to the internet you will have them by june at the latest because i will see you then and can use your comp!! love you :)