Friday, May 04, 2007

Warning: No pictures in this post!

I know, I am not including pictures in this post and that is almost a cardinal sin for this blog! People only come for the pictures. I cant blame you... that is all I look at on blogs. But I am feeling the need to write about my next adventure.

The Wet Dog Triathalon.

It is a fairly small triathalon (i am not sure if that isnt an oxymoron... sort of like pretty ugly.) Anyway, it is a 400 meter swim, 10k bike and a 5k run. So you would think I would already be in fairly good shape for this thing... I mean, I did just run 13 stinking miles! NOT THE CASE!!!! 2 days ago I biked for 20 min. and then ran for 15 (all in the gym). The biking nearly killed me. By min 16 my legs were totally cramping. I biked through it and immediately got on the treadmill. I had a great run! I was already warmed up and so I just flew. Anyway, I went swimming yesterday. YIKES!!! I can barely lift my arms today! I swam 1000 yards. With stopping of course. I sincerely thought I was going to drown. Some of you may already know this but last year I was on a team and did one part of the wet dog: the swimming! The only problem is that I havent swam in about 8 months or longer! Probably since I did the wet dog last year. Anyway, all I can say is it was rough! I have talked 2 friends into doing this with me (one is still on the fence, ahem... Emily!) Hollie is in and I dont think I will have to motivate her to stick with it to terribly much but Emily will take some convincing. After my 2 days of training so far I am going to need some convincing! It will be tough but well worth it. And I am looking forward to our training together. These 2 girls are some of my favorite people!

Anyway, stay tuned... I will let you know how we do and who sticks with it. Training is going to be interesting! Well, I hope the few people who read this have a good weekend!

We are doing whistle stop, spidey 3 with good friends, church membership class (we are becoming methodist!) and with all of that my sister is coming in town! Busy times filled with fun events! BTW... 13.5 days of school left!!!!!! But who's counting?

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