Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dinners by Design

So some of you already know but last Thursday I went with the 3 friends pictured below to Dinners by Design. I cant speak for the other girls but I had the best time! Let me explain the premise and then you will understand what was so great about it.

You go online and pick out your meals off of a menu (that changes each month) and you schedule your appointment. What I did is I went in with Ashley and we did half meals. So we ordered 12 full entrees and split them. So when you get there they have a print out of the meals you will be preparing. They have stations set up to create everything on the menu. You find the station for what you are going to make and follow the recepie. They tell you step by step what to get out and what goes into what. It is very orderly. They even have the correct measuring utensil in the container of ingredient you need. so if i needed 2 T of chili powder they would have a Tablespoon measurer in the chili powder. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, the best part... when you finish making that dish they come along behind you and take all your dishes away! It is awesome! You never have to clean anything up at all! You put a sticker on them that tells you how to cook it and what sides would be good with it and the ingredients that were in it. Anyway, you leave with all your meals and then you freeze them. You get them out and cook them! it is that simple! your kitchen stays clean and you prepare all your dishes with friends. The 12 half meals i got ended up costing me $117 and then tax. But that equals out to be $4.89 a person per meal. very reasonalbe! also they have a point system... for every dollar you spend you get a point. once you rack up 1000 points you get $100 in free food! also for referring someone you get 100 points and they get 50 points for being referred. which reminds me... if you go in to do this... i referred you!!! :)

anyway, check out their website and see if you like it... it really was very cool!


Anonymous said...

That sounds super-fun!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the referral points! I thought it was a lot of fun, though out of my price range for most nights...I have enjoyed having those pre-cooked meals ready to pull out of the freezer!