Monday, August 20, 2007

kaylen and the pups!

Muggs and Laci hanging out together outside.

This is as nice as it gets between Kaylen and Laci. They arent the best of friends yet. I think they will be in time but not just yet.

Kaylen was looking way too cute this day so I had to snap a quick pic of her. She was, of course, watching the Backyardagains and didnt want to look at me for the pic but after many tries this is what we ended up with!

Again, the pups playing in the yard. Muggs is so good with Laci. His cheeks are torn up from all of her biting! They play and play all the time!

A special shout out to Muggsley... he turned 3 on Aug. 18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Muggs! The pictures of the dogs and Kaylen are too cute-I know they miss seeing me EVERY day now that school is back in.:)

Jodi said...

1. The angle of that first picture confused me greatly... I had to keep looking to make sure it wasn't anything that shouldn't be on the internet... :p

2. I LOVE Kaylen's outfit!!!

3. How lovely that I share a birthday with your DOG. ;)