Monday, August 20, 2007

My latest Triathalon

So I did the waay triathalon this past saturday. let me say... it was really hard on me! I finished in 1:00:53. I dont know my splits yet but I have a good idea... here is what I know... The race was backward. We started out with the run. This was a cross country course and had one gigantic hill in it!!! It took me back to my cross country days in high school of finishing in the back... if you know what i mean!!! i was sucking wind!!!! there was actually a guide on the path that asked me if my heat was divided into two heats... a fast one and a slow one!!!! I was like, yeah, i guess i am heading up the slow one... thanks for the encouragement!!! Anyway, I ended up averaging right at 9 min miles. Which was extremely slow but I am telling you... the hills were the toughest i have raced on. The one mountain i had to run up would have been hard for me to ride my bike up. It was even hard to run down it was so steep! My quads and glutes are killing me today! Moving on... needless to say i was exhausted when i got to my bike (i really wanted to quit) but when i got on and the wind started cooling me off, it felt great. I rode okay... probably averaged around 17 or 18 mph. Then i had to swim in the pool. I was doing fine, even passing people left and right until i got about half way and then i was geting a bit tired. I had two lanes to go and this girl started swimming on top of my legs and pushing me under. I was sooo ticked! so (probably not the nicest thing to do) i started swimming breast stroke and "pushing" her off of me. I didnt know what else to do... i was drowning! not literally but i was struggling! anyway, i am sure that she said something to this guy when we turned for the last lane because he started swimming like a tornado! i dont know how he was doing this but i feel liek he was trying kick me and block me from passing! Jerk! So i blew past him right before the end and beat him! I am extremely sore today and i was soo tired after the race... i slept from 10 am until about 1:30! Here are some shots from the race:


Ashley said...

WAAAAAYYYY to go Dawn! You are showing us all up with your triathalon experiences...ha! Great job!

Mom said...

You go girl!!! Simple amazing! You have come along way since high school cross country. Awesome achievement. Love ya sweetie