Monday, November 26, 2007

Time in the Tub

I know... the dreaded bathtub pictures. I really didn't think I would disgrace my little one this way but I couldn't pass it up. (I tried really hard to keep these G rated.) This is her favorite part of the day and she has so many tricks! We will definitely be trying to swim this summer! In the first picture she is blowing bubbles... hence the water ripples below... She is so proud of herself!

In this one she is "getting her hair wet". We are trying to teach her to put her head in as much as possible. She is also laying on her back and the water goes right up to her eyes. She isn't scared! I didn't take a pic of that because I wanted her to stay covered. Dont want any embarrassing pics!


Jodi said...

That is so cute, Dawn! She always looks so JOYFUL! :)

Shannon said...

These are so cute - I know my parents totally have pictures of me in the bathtub stashed away! ;)

Nikki's Nacs said...

Hi Dawn! Your little girl is precious, she looks just like you!