Tuesday, May 06, 2008

House is coming along..

Brief update: Kaylen had a fever but never really got sick. YAHOO!!! She is completely fine. I, on the other hand am on my third day with this migrane. Yesterday it got so bad that I had to leave work and give myself an imetrex shot. DIDN'T HELP! I just want it to go away!!! Anyway, my cookout was great last weekend and since it started at 4:30 it was over early enough for me to go to the movies with my friends. I went to see Made of Honor and I have to say that I had a hard time with Patrick Dempsey being the guy that I wanted to end up with the girl. He was sleeping with lots and lots of ladies and then after he has been a rediculously gigantic jerk to the main girl for years by totally disreguarding her feelings, he finally says, "I love you". She just forgets about all of the sleeping around he has done over the years and they live happily ever after? He is a completely changed man? Hummmmm.... I don't think that relationship is really going to last. Alright, I am getting off my soap box now.

Moving on... This weekend we are throwing my sister a graduation party. I have no idea what I should get her. I gotta figure it out quick! I will say that since we had the cookout last weekend, I got a lot done around the house and Allen was a huge help! I think things are starting to shape up. There are a few things that I am really hoping will get done this week (I am doubtful since Paul[the GC] wont even return my phone calls... grrr). Well, here are some pictures of how things are looking:

These first two pics are of my bedroom. I got lazy and bought panels for the windows instead of making them but I think I am going to sew some ribbon on them to dress them up a bit because I dont really like them too much right now.

This is Kaylen's bathroom. We are using her shower curtain in our bathroom right now because our glass door isn't done yet. I don't know when it will be done either!

This is Kaylen's bedroom... I just showed this room the other day... not much has changed yet but it will. I can't wait for the shutters to be done!

Of course, Kaylen wanted her picture taken as well. She is so cute and I really am going to put some video of her talking on here so you can hear her voice. I just can't find my camera battery! I finally got the charger and now can't find the battery. Wouldn't ya know!?! Anyway, she is such a little jokester these days!

The next two are of our master bathroom. I dont think I have put any pictures of this on here. My favorite part is the skylight. I really think that made the bathroom!

Allen picked out these 4 art pieces and brought them home. I love them! He did a great job with it. Usually I dont let him buy artwork so this was seriously a great surprise!

Here is the downstairs bathroom... What do you think of my W stickers on the glass doors? They were boogers to get all lined up and on there perfectly but I think they turned out great!

These next two are of the bonus room. It is finally cleaned out and set up. We will eventually add one more piece of furniture to sit on and possibly sleep on... we haven't decided on what yet. But I had my students help me with the curtains... I thin they did a great job! Right now, these curtains are my favorite because I think they really made the room look homey. We have plans to put Miss Pac Man up here after we get it fixed. I think that will be fun.

Here is the spare bedroom. These curtains were the hardest to make because they had to actually function but they do!!!! I am so excited about this! I plan to put some sort of valance on top to finish them off and if that turns out, I think these will be my new favorite curtains.


Ashley said...

Looks really great! Glad it's all coming together (finally =). Sounds like it's time to have another cookout, this time with your favorite community group members! Ha! Oh, and we were at the MOH show on Saturday night...what time were you guys there? RANDOM!

dawn wilson said...

we went to the 8:15 show.

Amanda said...

dawn..did you make the roman shades in your guest room by yourself? I'm very impressed! I am leaning towards a roman shade in my kitchen and i also need it to be functional.

dawn wilson said...

I did make them myself and they were pretty easy. The hardest part is all the exact measuring you have to do but I have the pattern and can help if you want me to! Also, you have Taylor to measure twice for you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow-it really looks all put together and looks so good! I will need your help this summer with curtains-if you wouldn't mind amongst all of your other stuff you have going on.:)
I hope you are feeling better!!! Talk with you soon!