Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Window and Driveway!

Here is what the window has looked like for the past week or so:

The new window:

Driveway progress: This is last week when they started digging up the driveway:

Once the driveway was completely dug up: After this point it rained buckets... what a mess!

Where we were at as of yesterday! I think it is going to be great once we get the retaining wall built and the driveway poured. We are really widening it and extending it out more than it was. We are also leveling it out at the top.


Amy Davis said...

I love the new window! I have got to see all the new updates soon. BTW Joe and I drove by your house the other day and saw the crazy driveway! I can't stand mud!

Jean said...

Thank you for inviting me over yesterday. I am totally impressed with all of you hard work and the beautiful results. You have much to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

The breakfast area window looks great! It really opens up the room and changes the look of that whole area. Everything is coming together really well and I hope you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. :)

-Catherine W.