Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Doctor's Visit

Yesterday I went for my 4 month check up and it was a little odd to me. I laid down to listen to the baby's heartbeat and the tech had an extremely hard time finding a heartbeat at all. I mean at least 5 minutes. She started searching, couldn't find anything. Got more jelly, searched some more... still nothing. Finally decided to switch machines, still nothing. By this time I was beginning to accept the fact that I had lost the baby. She got more jelly and continued to search. She finally found the heartbeat... any guesses where? Right on my right hip bone. So am i literally carrying my baby in my butt?!?!?! Only kidding but is that not an odd placement for a baby? I guess a baby can be anywhere but that can't be normal. Here is the heartbeat progression(8weeks, 12 weeks, 15 weeks): 164, 155, 141. What are the predictions for my little hide-n-seeker? Speaking of that, I scheduled my anatomy scan for Jan. 5 at 11am! One month away!! My sister will be in town so she will get to come with us. If you think about it, I have been really nervous that something isn't right with this baby... don't know why... but just pray that I will have peace.


Jodi said...

That had to be so scary! I'll bet a little thumping sound was never more beautiful, though!!! :)
So are you showing yet? Picture time!

kyllie said...

Oh how nerve racking!! I remember at my 16 week it seemed like it took forever for them to find the hb. You should have talked them into an ultrasound :)

We'll be keeping yall in our prayers!

Laura Crocker said...

It is normal for the placenta to move around during the pregnancy, did the doctor seem alarmed?
I'm praying for you.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I know at one of my appts. (I think after my 20 week) it seemed to take forever to find a heartbeat and I was thinking the same thing-I have lost the baby, but it was finally found. I worried the whole time that something was going to be wrong with John too, but he came out perfectly. I'm sure your baby is perfectly fine-i'll be praying!! Miss you neighbor (I can still call you that right?)

dawn wilson said...

Okay... to answer some questions...
Jodi: Yes. I started showing at about 5 weeks ;).
Laura: that is very reassuring... and no, my doctor didn't even say anything about it. It all seemed routine. So you are probably right.
Katherine: It makes me feel so good when you call me neighbor. I really wish I still was!!! It was so good to see you last night!