Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Opryland Pictures

These sunglasses were a big hit all weekend. She wanted to wear them inside, outside, daytime, night time... all the time! This was on our trip to Nashville... and also the only time my flash worked. :(

She always loves a ride on the Merry-Go-Round!

Okay... her lips are so pink in this pic because of horrible lighting. This was also right after her tango with the pavement so that bottom lip is rather fat. We were practicing for our Santa picture and I was really afraid that this is what we were going to get. Her lip felt funny so she was smiling oddly. Thankfully she got over it for the real thing.

This picture is illegal. I got in trouble for taking a picture inside the little area. She looks like she was trying to get away but she wasn't. She was just getting up in his lap.

This pic was extremely dark from not having a flash. Shocker! But it was the only family shot we got all weekend... so it will have to do!

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Carpenter Photography & Design said...

That Christmas tree is huge! :) Congratulations to you guys! You are going to love having a boy!