Thursday, June 24, 2010


June was a blur and a blast. Here are the kids playing together in the back yard. Kaylen is becoming such a great big sister. I can already tell that she might be a little on the bossy side but she is also very loving.

One of my favorite things with the kids these days is morning time. I love the time when Tripp wakes up and plays in the bed with us until he decides he is starving and starts screaming. It is usually a good 30 minutes of sweet kisses and cuddles. Definitely moments I will treasure.

Here the kids are playing on the bed in the hotel on our way down to the gulf.

We were all having fun wrestling and taking pictures.

Once we were there we got to the beach as soon as we could because we were afraid of the oil hitting shore. It never did while we were there but we also didn't go back to the beach except for a sunset and sunrise walk.
Here is Kaylen in the hotel waiting to go to the beach.

Once we got there of course Tripp was ready for a nap but we gave him some goldfish (which he quickly dumped out and covered in sand) and he was content.

He is still eating... that is all this kid does!

Here he is sitting near Kaylen and Allen. They were building a mote and filling it with water. He was just eating sand.

You can sort of see the sand in his hair in this shot. I was miserable because I felt like I couldn't keep the sand out of his mouth. It really grossed me out. I have no idea how people do babies on the beach.

Here they both are playing in the sand. It looks like Tripp is already trying to pass a little of the sand he was eating.

Kaylen had such a good time collecting the water and filling up her mote.

Allen was being such a great dad playing in the sand with the kids. I was their photographer because I didn't want to get anymore sand on me.

Tripp got in on the digging action every now and then.

I got Allen to take a picture of me with the kids just to prove that I was really there. :) You moms out there know what I mean. We are always behind the camera!

This was a fun day out at Baytown Warf. They have really upped their game since the last time I was there. They had all kinds of fun things to do there.

Kaylen was Tripp's driver for most of the trip. She drove a little crooked most of the time but that made Tripp like it all the more.

Here Kaylen is doing the bungee jump. She really liked it.

Kaylen and her Daddy. She is starting to really become more of a Daddy's girl. I love these pictures of the two of them.

She was posing it up this day. We have the cutest videos of her dancing while we were at lunch. Little ham.

Allen with both the babies. Sweetness. And amazing that all three are looking and fairly pleasant. :)

Sweet Tripp taking a nap. He rarely does this outside of his crib. He is a little man that likes his own bed.

The rest of these beach pictures are a hair-brained idea I got when walking along the beach the last night of our trip. We weren't dressed or ready for pictures that night so I decided we would all get up around sunrise and go out and take them. We were staying in an awesome hotel that was right on the beach. So I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. I didn't take in to account the fact that my family does not rise early and furthermore, gets really irritable if you make them! Mostly my daughter. She is like a teenager! She will sleep until 10 am if I let her. Anyway, it was mostly a disaster in lieu of meltdowns and totally distraught kids but we did get a few good pictures.

These last three are from a boat trip on lake Guntersville. It was good to get out on the water. I hope we can do this a few more times this season.

Tripp was loving the front of the boat. He is an adventure seeker these days.

This is the sunset we saw on our way back from dinner at Top of the River.


Mimi said...

Love the beach pictures! The look on Tripp's face when Kaylen is going to give him a kiss - too precious. I had to laugh at Tripp's hair on the boat. I'll be watching for updates!!

Love you all!

Jodi said...

Tripp's hair is CRACKING ME UP! You've got to mohawk that mop! :)