Monday, May 24, 2010

1 year documentary photo

Every month this past year I have been taking a picture of Tripp on his month birthday. I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes this month.

This is typically the end result:

Or something like this where he is smiling but not looking:

But we always have a little of this in the out takes:

And in true boy fashion, a little of this:

So it isn't always easy but it is attainable! Have a great week everyone!


Jodi said...

This is perfect! The real memories are in the outtakes. :) That last one is classic! Love it.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Jesse, Jess, Corban, and Malorie said...

FINALLY catching up on your blog- LOVE it!! Tripp is so darn cute:) Malorie turns 1 next- her birthday party is Saturday! The last year went by way too fast, I'm sure you agree. I told Malorie tonight she shouldn't grow up anymore:) Love you friend!