Monday, May 24, 2010

Tripp is ONE!!!

Tripp's party was a huge success! We didn't even have any meltdowns! Here he is in his gift from us.

My sister and Micah were there celebrating with us!

Me and the kids. I love my sweet babies!

Tripp cracked me up with this gift because the box was bigger than him and he kept leaning over the box to look inside. So sweet!

Here he is "reading" his card that Jonah Carlisle made him. This was at the beginning of opening gifts... he didn't last the whole time but we had great help and they enjoyed opening everything! I still remember having to open all of K's gifts on her first birthday all by myself. Not nearly as fun as having lots of helpers!

He completely devoured the cake. He dug right in. Squeezed the cake with his hand. It was everywhere. We had to strip him down and change his clothes outside. So much fun!

This is before he lost the hat. He was so much fun to watch. Great memories!

Here he is with Kate Turnbull. They are really close to the same age. So fun to see them side by side. She is walking up a storm and has been for a while. Tripp is close. Any day now!

Here he is at the beginning of the party. So cute!

The kids played at fishing for duckies game. It ended up being a wading pool. They had a good time and that is what it was there for! Check out Will's foot.

Another sweet picture of Rylie and Kaylen. They are such good friends!

My outdoor decor. I made the banner and found the lanterns on sale at HBLB! It ended up so cute and easy to do! Love summer birthdays!

Close up of my duckie cupcakes. These were fun to make.

The snacks table!


Ashley said...

Great birthday!!! We had a blast, and you are so creative (am going to do your banner, k?). Two comments:

1) You, who can be very nervous about the internetees knowing more about you...have kept your address on the invite you posted. D, just watching out for you!

2) Picture w/ Tripp and K should have a subtitle: Mother of Kate eating her share of the chicken nugget tray :-)

Thanks for the fun times!

Bull said...

It's good that Trippppp never touched Kate. I'd hate to have to end his life after only one year.

dawn wilson said...

Ashley, THANK YOU!!!! I fixed the address mess up. I am so glad you caught that.

I am glad you are going to do the banner idea too! I can't wait to see some pics of it!

And Bull, Tripp may end up being too wholesome for your vixen in the making! ;) He is a gentleman and knows better than to get near girls. They still have cooties, ya know?

Shannon said...

Sooo sweet - Happy Birthday Tripp!

Mimi said...

Great Pictures! Tripp was the best! The party was awesome! Check out my account at Walmart as I have some more great pictures.

Jean said...

I always think moms deserve the happy birthday more than the children when they are little. The party looks like it was just fun, and I just loved the cupcakes. Tripp's too cute.

chandra said...

gabrielle had a great time! she loves both your kids. sorry she was crying to get her way. i was trying to make her know that wouldn't work, but alas aunt na gave in. tripp was so cute. hope to see you guys again over the summer, but i know yours is is probably as hectic as mine.

Anonymous said...

BABA says, loved the pictures and the party, by the way, your phone number is also posted on the card, don't know if you care or not. I really had a great time seeing you all, love you bunches!