Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing Mother's Day Weekend!

I had a really fun weekend with my kids. My Mother's Day present came in on Saturday so I played with it all weekend. I got a new point and shoot camera! I love it! Kaylen and I went to a classmate's birthday party on Saturday and then Amber came over for a while. We hung out and played with my camera for a bit and then she left around 4:30 to take a nap and my kids wanted to do the same. So I put K and T down for a nap. Only K woke up that night. Tripp slept until 8 the next morning. He missed dinner and everything! This kid is absolutely ridiculous with his excessive sleeping. So I used the free time to get my house in order and work on a banner I am making for Tripp's birthday. Allen spent 5 hours working in the yard. He did an amazing job and suffered two horrendous blisters to boot.

Sunday started off so nice with breakfast in bed and some really sweet cards. We had Aunt Liz, Uncle Bob, Aunt Christy, Uncle Wayne, Mamaw, Papaw, Amber, Allen, the kids and me at the house. We had a nice lunch and homemade ice cream for dessert. We played corn hole (Amber beat me badly), basketball and went for a walk. It was so nice outside. I enjoyed every bit of the day and my kids were so adorable and both behaved wonderfully. It was good to be me yesterday. I am blessed.

Amber took these beginning ones of Tripp that turned out so great. In this first one he was dancing from side to side. Such a sweetie!

This one is obviously so funny but if you click on it and view it larger, you can totally see my sister using my new orange camera in his eyes! Too cool!

These last three were from Saturday. We enjoyed the mild yet beautiful weather all weekend.


Jean said...

Lucky kids to have such a great mom!

Mimi said...

Can't wait until the is weekend! Looking forward to seeing all of you. Everytime you make a new post of both the kids, I think they just cuter by the day!