Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We put Kaylen in the 5 and under basketball this year and it has been interesting. It wasn't quite as intutive as soccer but we have had a good time. Allen has been against it from day one but I have loved it. Kaylen is fun for me to watch playing any sport. But my momma side is coming out.
I guess she is stretching. :)

She decided to pose for me before her game.

She is about to get to dribble down the court! The video's later will show you how they play the game at this young age. It isn't quite as intense as a real game.

She is getting some air! No idea whether this one actually went in or not but she looks great!

Is that excitement or what?! She danced all over the court!

I am including some videos of the season. These two videos are from her last game. She was the high scorer on her team that night and I am so glad I got both shots!

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Mimi said...

Way to go KAYLEN!!!

Love ya Bunches!