Monday, February 21, 2011

End of Basketball

Well, another sport has come to an end. We had our end of the season party on Saturday. Kaylen always just begins to grasp what she is supposed to be doing during the last few games. I hope that next year we can pick up where we left off with both soccer and basketball. Allen was out of town for this party and I happened to run into my neighbor at the game. She helped me out at the party so it went much smoother. My two can be a handful by myself! So here is my big 5 year old with trophy number 2! She is collecting them! :) I love how much they excite her right now. It is really sweet.

During Soccer she happened to be the first person called to get her trophy. She was really surprised because she didn't even know she was getting one. This time she happened to be the last. Look at the boredom on her face! Also the little boy standing is her running bff. They go up on the track after each game and chase each other. So cute. Oh, and he beats her by a landslide but he can just about beat me!
If this isn't a little trouble-maker! He has such a personality! I love how he has to get comfortable wherever he is. He will cross his legs and lay back all relaxed like. His talking has really increased lately. He is still a great eater. He will really eat anything you give him. And messy! He always has tons of whatever he is eating in his hair and all over his face and hands.
Their team was called the Blue Waves and they had the cutest cake for their party.
Kaylen is the best big sister. I know it might not always be that way but for now, I am going to enjoy how helpful she is with him. I let him walk to the car and Kaylen held his hand the entire way and made sure he stayed away from the road. And he looks up to her so much. He will mimic her and he also runs up and hugs and kisses her all the time. He just held her hand and they walked all the way to the car together. These two may be a lot to handle at times but I am so proud of them and thankful that I get to be their mom!

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are too cute. I love Kay squatting with her head propped on her hands, boredom shows all over her, too cute. The last one reminds me of two little girls I remember, just seems like a couple of years ago walking like that down a sidewalk in Maumelle, AR together. Enjoy it, times they change so very quickly, but for now they are at such a wonderful stage in life. They have a pretty awesome Mommy as well. Love you all, sweetie.