Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dance, Fire Station and a new Craft

Kaylen had friend day at dance class. I rarely have a picture of Kaylen without Rylie these days. That is because these two are inseparable. It is seriously easier to have Rylie over than Kaylen alone. They entertain each other so well! Here they are at dance class doing the chicken dance in ballet.

Check out how close they are standing. They are sharing a dot on the floor instead of going to their own. So stinking sweet!
Kaylen and Rylie have recently decided that they are marrying each others brothers. That way they can be sisters for real. So Kaylen talks about Cohen being her husband all the time. I can't wait to tease them about this in about 7 years. Cohen was standing at the door and so Kaylen decided to tell her teacher how that was going to be her husband. Can we say Future Cougar? ;) I am sure her teacher was trying hard not to laugh at them.
Here are some pictures of the kids at the fire station. Caleb had a birthday party. My kids had a blast! I thought it was really cool too. The first picture the kids are with the Carter kids. Sara and Kaylen played so well together!

I made a little baby's blanket for a friend's baby shower I went to recently. It ended up being a fun little project. I was thinking of selling personalized baby blankets on my etsy shop... If I did, any suggestions on a price range? I am just not sure. Feel free to comment what you would pay... below are some pictures so you can get the idea of what they look like.


Mimi said...

I love the pictures of the kids. Kaylen and Rylie are just too cute together. Tripp looks like such a little man.

I really love the blanket. Great job as always!

Love ya

Jean said...

The kids are so sweet. How I remember dance classes! I really like how the little blanket turned out!