Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kids and a New Shop

I haven't put any pictures of my babies on here lately so I thought I would today. This was on the way to church on Sunday. I feel like all of my pictures are of my kids in the car but it is the easiest way to capture them since they are strapped in and all! Tripp is talking really well lately. Some of his favorite things to say are Daddy gone or Mommy Gone (Depending on whoever it is he doesn't see). He tends to say this on repeat... over and over and over again. He calls Kaylen Kay and says it with a bit of a southern drawl. All drinks are juice. And he likes to say: no, no, no. He loves shoes. Diapers are shew shews. He can tell you what his hair, eyes, ears, nose, teeth and knees are. Of course he can point out much more but those are the ones he likes to say himself. He is a hugger and belly laughs all the time. It is rare that he isn't easy going and happy. In fact, I can't remember a time that he has been in a bad mood. He has a temper but gets over it quickly.

Kaylen is a sweet big sister and the two of them get along so well. She has gotten good at cleaning up her own stuff. I am so glad to have the help! She wont eat anything! I am not sure how she is alive because she thinks all food is disgusting if it isn't steak or hot wings or chips and salsa. I am adament that she eats what is for dinner or nothing. She is stubborn enough to choose nothing... boy is she ever my child! She has a big heart and she loves encouragement! She strives to make you proud of her. She still has a love for reading and her imagination continues to grow and she loves to make up her own stories. I can't wait for Kindergarten next year. I know she is going to do great!

And since this is my own blog I will make a plug for my new ETSY store! Emily and I have officially started a shop on Etsy. Right now we are making hairbows but we have plans to do much more! So please check us out! Our store name is She Sells Details.

So go to www.shesellsdetails.etsy.com for more info! Below is a sample of my pink selection but there are many more colors... :)


Jean said...

I love the pictures, but the descriptions of the kids are priceless. I wish I saw your kids in real life more often.

Jodi said...