Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kaylen is 6!

Kaylen had a great birthday this year. Here she is on the morning of her actual birthday. It was the first day of school. She got to wear a crown all day and Allen and I brought her lunch and cupcakes. Aunt Christy, Mamaw and Tripp all checked her out of school early and went to Chuckie Cheese for a mini party. She got to do the ticket blaster, which she talked about wanting to do for an entire year! We ended the day with a meal at Outback.
On Saturday we had a party at the Matrix. She has a special friend these days. Eric. Oh my! She is smitten. Every day it is something new. He came to her party and she didn't leave his side. She told me yesterday that he told her it was okay if she wanted to get married. The day before he asked her if she had a crush on him. She said yes. He said that was okay with him. She has had this crush for months! Apparently he is a really great kid. He has learned to be a gentleman and hold the door for ladies and let them go first. He also asked his teacher if he could say a pray before the snack time. So I don't want her to like boys yet but I am glad she is learning how she likes to be treated. :)

The next two are an attempt to get a picture of Tripp playing in the foam pit. It was next to impossible!!! He is cute anyway! :)

This first video is me playing at the party too! The matrix is way too much fun!

Here are my sweet little ones jumping too.

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Mimi said...

Way to go Dawn! Kaylen will be flipping like her mom in no time.