Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kaylen 7 Months

Here are some pictures I took of Kaylen a few weeks ago... Stick with me I am going to keep this thing updated!


Jodi said...

Dawn, those are the cutest baby pictures EVER! I love the red!!!

Can't wait to see what you post tomorrow...and the next day...and the next... :)

Adam, Mimi, Rylee Jean and peanut said...

Dawn--she is gorgeous!! I'm sure you have heard, but she looks so much like you. Her eyes. Isn't motherhood the most awesome experience. Makes life more colorful. You feel a new and completly different love and respect for your hubby and just watching her discover new things makes your heart overflow. Yes, I married Adam May 11, 2002. We had Rylee Jean November 12, 2005. She is 9 months old and into everything. I stay at home with her and Adam is working in marketing. We currently live in Fort Wayne, IN, but God is moving us to Valparaiso, IN as soon as our house sells. Life is good. God has blessed us over and over. So good to hear from you!! I will add your link to the growing list of family and friend blog sites. Much love--Mimi

ashley said...

ok, i do still check this blog, by the way! cute pictures--listen, can we PLEASE do photoshop this weekend? i mean, you install it on my computer and show me a couple of things? i am dying to know.