Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My New Life

I know I am in need of an update. My life has drastically changed in the last few weeks. I am now a working mom! I started teaching at a new school closer to home. I love it! I didnt know how great teaching could be. I hope I can stay here for the next 30 years and retire. Well, maybe not 30... just until retirement. I have small classes and great kids. It is wonderful to enjoy what you do all day.

Updates with Kaylen... she started crawling a few days before school started. So now we are running around keeping up with her. she is pulling up on things as well and continues to find the one thing in the room that will harm her and goes straight for it! It is seriously like she is seeking out the things that will hurt her! Baby-proofing a house is hard work. You think everything is safe and she finds the one thing that isnt. Oh, last night she started saying ba ba ba ba. Not that it means anything but it is a step closer to words. Once she discovers something she does it over and over and over again! I promise to put pictures up soon. I am operating under a new realm of busy! I have a new found respect for all the other working mom's out there.

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