Friday, August 18, 2006

A Night of Bowling

I this dance aerobics or bowling? We like to mix it up and keep it interesting. You never know what dance moves or music lyrics are going to come from ole Ashley!
Ashley at bowl... striking it up! She was the all time girl winner by far! I guess all those middle school days on the bowling league really helped her out!
Russ posing after a bowl. Is that the correct stance?
Now... they were playing 80's music and I believe Ashley is dancing to Madonna's Material Girl.
Pucker those lips!

So the stats on the games were that Allen almost won the first game but i think it was Russ that happened to bowl 3 strikes in a row at the end to just edge allen out of first. The second game was all Allen. that was the boys...
the girls?
well, as i have already said Ashley stomped us but it wasnt hard since i bowled an all time low of oh... 53 and then a wopping 49 the second game! and who's parents used to own a bowling alley? yikes! i stink at that game!

all in all, it was a really fun thursday night.


Ashley said...

okay, i'll admit i look pretty funny doing those dance moves! ha! oh, well, i had fun at my own personal "dance" party. i like how really i am the only one dancing. guys are such sticklers!

thanks for the memories dawn!

russ said... said...

I did not "edge" Allen out, I stomped him and everyone else into the ground. It was my plan to bowl three strikes in a row and become the ONLY BOWLER THAT NIGHT to bowl a turkey.

That was fun...we need to do it again soon

dawn wilson said...

My bad, Russ... you were the only turkey bowler that night! gobble, gobble!

It was a blast... everything except my all time low scores! :)