Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Furniture Change Up

This first piece is Tripp's changing table. Sorry there isn't a before to go along with it. It used to be Kaylen's and it was Cherry. Now it is black. The attached items are a preview of his room decor. As soon as I hang the curtain rod, I will show you the window treatments. I still need to paint the bed and then put it all together. I have extra furniture in there that needs a new home. It will get there... eventually!

This is Kaylen's new nightstand. I still need a new handle for the bottom drawer but that is a minor detail.

Here is her new dresser. I think it looks so good in the room. Very shabby chic. It goes with the look of her room so much more than her previous dresser. I am so glad we switched it up. She loves the pink knobs. The coolest part about it is that this was Allen's great granpa's or something like that. So it has been in his family for a really long time. Also, please notice the contact paper that was put on the top of the dresser some time in the 70's. It was almost impossible to get off. I didn't think it was ever going anywhere but with lots of sanding it finally disappeared. I still need to paint her bed as well. It is a 4 poster bed and I can't wait for it to all be completed.

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