Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gatlinburg Preview

We had a great time in Gatlinburg. The trip down was not all that great since I was the second in our group of three to get a speeding ticket. Bottom line is that I was speeding... and I got caught. My fault. Anyway, moving on... We got there and settled in to our place the first day. I immediately started to feel bad upon arrival... it didn't dawn on me until the second day that I was staying in a log cabin completely made of pine and I am allergic to pine. That explains it! But the cabin was beautiful. There were three floors and both the balconies overlooked the man-made ski slope. We could watch the skiers come down the mountain while relaxing in our hot tub. (Well, I just dipped my feet in while everyone else enjoyed a dip. I must say... I froze but my company was great! Friday we got up and went tubing. Jonah loved it. He was the only one of the kids who did. Kaylen and Rylie weren't so sure about how fun the event actually was. The adults all enjoyed it and we just took turns watching the kids so that everyone could tube. After tubing the guys went skiing and the kids went back to the cabin. That night the girls went out and the husbands stayed home with the kids. It was nice for the three of us to get some hang time in. We walked the strip and found the best cd's of children's songs like Jesus Loves Me with their names substituted in. Kaylen's fav is Jesus Loves the Little Children. I can't even begin to describe how many syllables it takes Kaylen to say Children. What a little southerner! Anyway, Saturday was jam-packed with a morning at the Aquarium and an afternoon at the Dixie Stampede. The kids loved everything we did this day. Sunday we ate at a pancake house and went to the outlets. Here is a video of Kaylen enjoying the pre-show at the Dixie Stampede:

More pictures to come!!!

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Jodi said...

CLASSIC! I love it. When you run out of things to clap on, lift your shirt... :)