Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Headed to Gatlinburg...

I know, I haven't posted in a while. I have been ultra busy lately. We are leaving for Gatlinburg in the morning with the Foxes and the Carlisle's. I am sooo excited for this trip. I know that Kaylen is going to have the best time ever! She is always asking if Jonah or Rylie can play with her so 4 days of having them around is going to be heaven for her. Some things on the agenda: 1. If snow still exists (i know, doubtful but we are hopeful) we will let the kids go tubing. I found a snowbib for $5 at Marshall's... yahoo!!! 2. We are looking into a Petting Zoo that has pony rides. 3. The aquarium. 4. an indoor waterpark. (I know, the thought of me in a bathing suit scares me too... but it's for the kids!) 5. maybe a dinner show and I am sure much, much more! We are all staying in a big house together so this should be tons of fun all around.

Kaylen was cracking me up last night so I thought I would share one quick story. We have a washcloth that looks like a duck (think puppet). His name is Quacker. So Quacker is allowed to nibble K's arms, legs and toes but not bite because we don't bite. (This really does make getting her clean easier). Last night we had some bubbles come up in the water and so Quacker (a.k.a. mommy) asked what that was. She explained that it was the tooter monster. So Quacker asked her who that was and she said it was the monster that comes out of her booty. ahhh... kids.

Well, I will be back next week with lots of pictures and stories. Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!!
Have fun in Gatlingburg-I have way too many youth trip memories from that place.:)

Jodi said...

Judah already thinks he's hilarious when his tooter monster makes a booty appearance. sheesh.