Monday, July 20, 2009


Sorry I have been so silent for so long! It has been extremely hectic around here. Tripp is a great baby but he really likes things a certain way. He likes to be held all the time! I am trying to really enjoy him and the stages since they are probably the last time I will experience them. He is the smiliest baby! He is a serious grinner and cooer. He is also squirmy. I can't put him down in an uncontained area. We have been staying busy with summer as well. We have made trips to the blueberry farm, the botanical garden, the pool, and we have had a few play dates. I am looking forward to school starting back for Kaylen. Mostly for her to get to do fun things again. We are doing fun things but there are days that arent as fun for her and I hate that. This is a difficult age to pair up with a newborn. She is hanging in there for the most part. Here are a few shots of the kiddos. Hope you are all having a fun summer!


shannon said...

Cute cute CUTE! Tripp is so handsome - there is so much sibling resemblance. I love that last shot of Kaylen. :)

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness...Tripp has the cutest smile while Kaylen is just looking so beautiful and grown up!!! Can't wait to see you all!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable!
Catherine Wynn

Dawn Wilson said...

Adorable children! "God, I ask you to help these children grow up strong and happy, and help their Mom and Dad to remember that every day counts in teaching and loving you." Amen!
Dawn Wilson

Jodi said...

Great pictures!!! And I love what you're doing with your blog layout!