Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer is almost over!

Summer is almost over. It has been a blur. I haven't gone anywhere and yet it has sped by. I guess that was an infant will do to you! Allen, on the other hand, just got back from an amazing retreat with our high school students at the beach. Now he is on a guys golfing weekend down in Mobile. He has been good to let me get out in the evenings kid-free as well. I have really enjoyed getting to know Tripp and watching Kaylen get so big. She will be starting Mothers Day Out very soon. All of my teacher friends are going back and I am really looking forward to this time off. Things are starting to get much easier with my two and I guess that tends to ebb and flow depending on the day. I am figuring out Tripp and how he likes things. He has more of an opinion on how he likes to sleep and be held than Kaylen ever did. It is fun to see how they are so different in some ways and yet so similar in others. Both such wonderful blessings.

We are starting dance lessons this fall with Kaylen. I am really looking forward to it. I am sure I will be posting pictures and even videos from this adventure. A post wouldn't be a post without pictures so here are a few from when my sister was in town and yesterday. Amber really enjoyed my little man. I think she is growing up and entering the ready-to-be-a-momma phase of life. I think it is a few years off for her but I can see her maturing into an adult. It is pretty cool to see. She loves her dog... and if you know my sister... that is absolutely huge! Anyway, I hope you all have had a great week!

Tripp chilling in the swing. This took some time to perfect... but he likes it now! yea!

Kaylen fell asleep on the floor yesterday and slept there for over an hour!

Tripp being held by Aunt Nikki.

Aunt Nikki and Tripp again. I hope she comes back to visit soon!!! We miss her already!

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