Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kaylen writes in German!

This morning on the way to church Kaylen and I were talking about how Handy Manny speaks Spanish and English. So I thought it a good time to explain to her the story about the Tower of Babel and why we all speak different languages. I told her there were many different languages such as Russian, Spanish, English, German, Chinese... and so on and so forth. So this afternoon she scribbles on a piece of paper and tells me that she is writing in German and that is why I can't understand it. I told her that I didn't know she spoke German... she said that she didn't, she can only write it and what she wrote meant love. Ha! I love how kids minds think.

Btw... her "crown" is from church. She learned all about Queen Esther.

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Anonymous said...

My sweetie is so precious, she is going to have a wonderful sense of humor and an imagination to boot! I just love all the videos, makes me feel like I am there with them for a short time. Love you all. BABA