Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Starts!

Kaylen went back to school this week. She is soo excited! She is in the three year old class and loves her teachers, Ms. Denise and Ms. Allison. All she has talked about is getting to paint. That girl wants to paint so bad! It has been a nice break for me as well. I am going to really enjoy the extra time I have during the day. This has been a crazy week with lots going on but next week should slow down and be more relaxing.

Right now Kaylen's favorite area in her room seems to be this workbench. On the meet-n-greet day she had the hardhat on and was using the screwdriver to attach things. Who needs a kitchen or dollhouse when there is a workbench!

These next pictures are our first day of school pics. She loves carrying her bookbag and lunchbox.

Kaylen and Tripp: She is loving him but I am not so sure how comfortable he is with it.

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Jean said...

Miss you at school, but I know you are enjoying the extra minutes with your two sweet little ones.